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Project Diaries (projectdiaries) on Pinterest

Video: Architectural concept showing the revamped outdoor display areas which will be incorporated into the upgrade of Museum of the Riverina's Botanic Gardens site. Work has begun in the outdoor display areas of the museum. With landscaping works set to begin in early , many of the display objects will need to be moved into safe temporary storage over coming months.

The below preliminary concept depicts terraced walkways carved into the hillside, enabling safe and easy access of the museum's outdoor display areas. Specialist outdoor displays will showcase some of the more significant items from the museum's collection of agricultural innovations. Image: Detail from the initial landscape plan showing terracing of outdoor display area. Both products were initially support only in the English language and needed to be translated into other languages due to expansion into new markets.

Detailed records on Project Diary

The PSA performed the localization of both products to support multiple languages, our development team paid special attention to numerous linguistic specifics and established the appropriate logic. Among those peculiarities were:. NET, etc. Dosimeter Mobile Application. The project is to develop a mobile application on Android 4. The application allows controlling level of radiation and accumulated dose, and saving the data and route map of the device movements within preset periods of time with possibility to send the data to a remote server.

In case if the preset limit of radiation is exceeded, the application initiates a sound alert.

The Project Diaries: Amber's survival

Dosimeter Calibrator Development. The primary objective of Dosimeter Calibrator Development project was to develop software for a machine used to calibrate the personal electronic hand-held dosimeters. A calibration machine consists of a number of stations used to expose personal dosimeters to a predefined level of radiation in order to perform initial setup of the devices.

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User Interface for Perimeter Security System. This is my first time doing a Kitchen Diaries video so please let me know if you enjoy it With so many pricey and very harmful chemicals on the market for Gardeners. I hope you find this helpful? Bananas seem to be getting a fair bit of bad press lately so I thought I'd make this video to show people how beneficial the skins are for the garden and help grow amazing fruits, veg and flowers.

Please let me know if you find this helpful I've been asked to do a "How to Grow Apples from Seed" video by so many people this year but I thought I'd make this video instead to let everyone know why it's not a great idea. I hope you find this informative :.

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People always comment on the beautiful bird sounds in my videos and it's all down to these little fellas who come back to nest in Grandads garden every year. Perfect Summer!

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  • Many people have been asking so many questions about my health so I thought I'd make a full length video to explain everything that's going on with me. I appreciate this one is long but I'm hoping this will answer everyones questions and show some of the worst and inspiring things I've been through since birth.

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    It's been extremely therapeutic to make this video but I'm hoping to now move on and get back to Project Diaries tutorials. Thank you all again for so many lovely supp I really couldn't get through this without you all :D. Check out www. Step by step guides for beginner gardeners to master class. Sorry I've not been around for a while. Here's a quick update to let you know why, and a huge thanks for all the birthday wishes.

    They're all very much appreciated :.

    ★ ESA / PIP TRIBUNAL: Walkthrough Advice (My Experience with Tory Disability Benefit Cuts & ATOS)

    There are so many varieties so I've added some extra information in the video description. Is the fight with Youtube over? I'm still learning the basics but I'm hoping to offer many rewards once I get the hang of things.