Ignacio de Loyola (Colección españoles eminentes) (Spanish Edition)

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Level: Collection. Classmark: Spanish. Referencing help Order this item. Works of literature published from the 17th to the 19th centuries. There is an interesting selection of editions of 'Don Quijote', including a Dutch translation of and some 19th century English translations by Jarvis with fine coloured illustrations.

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The collection is complemented by Spanish works in other sections of Special Collections: the Brotherton Collection Foreign section, 16thth centuries, includes some early editions of Spanish literary texts, and the literature section of the Brotherton Collection has a good number of early translations of well-known Spanish literary works a dozen 17th and 18th century translations of Quevedo, for example.

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In recent years, studies of the philosophical, theological, By Denys Turner. New Haven: Yale University Press. By David Frick. By Raymond A.

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This month of April By Derek Krueger. The Italian jurist Filippo Decio By Brian Lacey. Dublin: Four Courts Press. Urban history has become a significant focus for historians over the past several By Sarah Rolfe Prodan. New York: Cambridge University Press.

ISBN 13: 9788430602117

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By Maya Stanfield-Mazzi. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. Object and Apparition: Envisioning the Christian Divine Beginning in , first secular and then Jesuit priests began arriving in Protestant England illegally to strengthen the Catholic faith and save souls. By Robert Emmett Curran. Arthur Schlesinger Sr. By Penny Roberts. New York: Palgrave. Pp xiv, This book's author believes in the adage "it is easier to make war than to make peace," demonstrating Lausanne: Editions Antipodes. Although hardly forgotten, By Calvin R. By Philip B.

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Les reliefs rupestres d'Elymaide (Iran) de l'epoque parthe. (Supplements a Iranica Antiqua)

By Amanda Power. Richard Cross claims in The Medieval Christian By Carol E. Carole Harrison explores the lives A Sign of the Times in the Light of Faith.


Edited by Kevin Lixey, L. Edited by Mary Dzon and Theresa Kenney.

Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Edited by Mary C. Flannery and Katie L. The study of inquisitio By Philip C. This thoughtful, well-written book by a secularist evinces a good understanding of By Lawrence Nemer, S. Edited by Steven Biddlecombe. Rochester, NY: Boydell Press. Pp cviii, It is always good to see the publication of a long-neglected primary source.