The Perfect Flood

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  1. How Houston’s Growth Created the Perfect Flood Conditions
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A newer development located on the south side of Kingwood, a community in northeast Houston, was constructed throughout the late s and s directly inside the floodplain. Satellite photos show the area overwhelmed by floodwaters after the storm.

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Other regions, like Cypress in northwest Harris County, or Willow and the Woodlands on the northern side of Houston, also show heavy development throughout the late s and s. Both areas experienced heavy flooding during the hurricane.

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  • How Houston’s Growth Created the Perfect Flood Conditions.

FEMA maps are updated infrequently because Congress has not appropriated enough money for the work. The maps do not take into account the future impact of climate change or the impact of likely real estate development in the area. In addition, FEMA has not created flood maps for the entire country, leaving some home buyers unaware of flooding risks, said Larry Larson, a senior policy advisor at the Association of State Floodplain Managers.

A more nuanced view of flood risk may be possible. Data by Syndeste and Beyond Floods considers factors like previous flood damage and land cover as part of a risk assessment, showing many properties in downtown Houston not in the floodplain are still at significant risk. The vast majority of residents across the county region struck hardest by hurricane Harvey also did not have insurance, according to Beyond Floods , a company that tracks and analyzes flood data.

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While federal flood insurance will help some whose homes have been ruined, only about 15 percent of homes in Harris County had policies under the flood insurance program, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Some choose not to buy policies because of the cost, and they are not eligible for subsidies.

How Houston’s Growth Created the Perfect Flood Conditions

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East Houston. Damaged buildings outside floodplains. Westlake Forest Neighborhood. The game is designed to help participants — such as NGO staff working on flood-focused programs — to identify novel policies and strategies which improve flood resilience. The game is set in a community living in an area exposed to floods, occurring with different severity.

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Players take roles of members of different citizen groups workers, farmers, entrepreneur, financial services agent , local government and water board officials. The direct interactions between players create a rich experience that can be discussed, analysed and lead to concrete conclusions and actions.

This allows players to explore vulnerabilities and capacities leading to an advanced understanding of interdependencies and the potential for working together.

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The game has been designed to align with the framework of the Zurich Flood Resilience Measurement tool but also operates completely independently. Improve understanding of the influence of preparedness, response, reconstruction on flood resilience. Explore the complex outcomes on the economy, society and the environment from long-term development pathways.

Flood Protection Information

Discover the types of decisions needed to avoid creating more flood risk in the future, incentivizing action before a flood through enhancing participatory decision-making. Experience all these complex ideas with a simple and concrete game elements so that participants can connect with their daily realities.

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Geneva’s perfect flood management - UNDRR

Flood resilience game Experience, explore, and learn about community flood resilience! Use the game. Learn more. Demonstrate the benefits of investment in risk reduction before the flood strikes. Watch the game in action.

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